GMC Registration

Doctors who want to work in Northern Ireland need to have full GMC Registration.

Alternatively, you can phone 00 44 161 923 6602 to find more information on GMC Registration.

Registering with the GMC

For nationals from the EEA, Switzerland and other doctors with EC rights, who graduated at EEA or Swiss medical schools and have completed an internship can take as little as 10 days.

Links to apply

When you submit your details to MyGMC, your application will be assessed. The GMC will email you to book an identity check at one of their offices.

Once you have completed your application online, but before you submit it, you will be asked to pay your registration fee.

To get GMC registration you must provide the GMC with:

Certificates of good standing: You will be asked to provide an original certificate of good standing from all of the medical regulatory authorities of any countries where you have practised or have held registration in outside of the UK in the last five years. Please note that they are only valid for a period of three months of the date of issue.

The cost

The cost of Full Registration with GMG effective from 1st April 2008 is £390

Registration for international medical graduates

In order to obtain registration you must provide objective evidence of your current capability to practise in the UK.

Please click on the link to read more about each and what you have to do in order to apply for registration.

The possible ways are:

Ref Post Start Finish Amount info
40914 General Practitioner 14 Aug 17 18 Aug 17 € 1,462.50
40897 General Practitioner 24 Jul 17 24 Jul 17 € 640.00
40892 Medical Consultant 31 Jul 17 25 Aug 17 € 13,537.50
40887 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant 15 Aug 17 21 Aug 17 € 4,680.00
40880 Emergency Department Registrar 24 Jul 17 31 Jul 17 € 2,123.00
40871 General Practitioner 29 Oct 17 31 Oct 17 € 1,440.00
40870 General Practitioner 15 Oct 17 16 Oct 17 € 720.00
40869 General Practitioner 16 Sep 17 18 Sep 17 € 1,440.00
40868 General Practitioner 10 Sep 17 11 Sep 17 € 720.00
40867 General Practitioner 02 Sep 17 04 Sep 17 € 1,440.00
40850 Anaesthetist Registrar 01 Nov 17 04 May 18 € 49,125.00
40793 General Practitioner (Family Practice) 04 Sep 17 15 Sep 17 € 2,940.00
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