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Locumlink source thousands of locum jobs for doctors each year. We have clients in both the UK and Ireland that are always on the look out for well-experienced locum doctors. Our clients fully understand that to attract experienced locum doctors they must pay a premium rate. We pride ourselves on obtaining substantially higher hourly rates for our doctors.

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Use the search facility to locate medical jobs that suit you medical experience.

Alternative options

If you don't find the perfect position simply subscribe to our email alerting service and receive notifications about locum work available that fits your medical experience. You can subscribe within minutes and the service it totally free of charge. Through this method you will be able to go on with your day-to-day business without the tedious task of searching through endless websites for suitable locum work. You will have the convenience of receiving information wherever you are and being able to assess the positions in your own free time. Sign up now to receive job alerts about locum work.

You can also submit your details via email or use the contact option to have one of our locum recruitment

consultants at a time that is most convenient for you.

Information about locum work

You will be able to find suitable positions whether at hospitals or general practice and apply online. In addition we also provide you with ample information about locum work in general and more specific information such as:

Working as a locum with Locumlink

Once fully registered with Locumlink doctors will have access to a wide range of GP and hospital doctor locum jobs at various levels ranging from junior doctors (NCHD's) to consultants in numerous specialities including locum work in:

Ref Post Start Finish Amount info
40914 General Practitioner 14 Aug 17 18 Aug 17 € 1,462.50
40897 General Practitioner 24 Jul 17 24 Jul 17 € 640.00
40892 Medical Consultant 31 Jul 17 25 Aug 17 € 13,537.50
40887 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant 15 Aug 17 21 Aug 17 € 4,680.00
40880 Emergency Department Registrar 24 Jul 17 31 Jul 17 € 2,123.00
40871 General Practitioner 29 Oct 17 31 Oct 17 € 1,440.00
40870 General Practitioner 15 Oct 17 16 Oct 17 € 720.00
40869 General Practitioner 16 Sep 17 18 Sep 17 € 1,440.00
40868 General Practitioner 10 Sep 17 11 Sep 17 € 720.00
40867 General Practitioner 02 Sep 17 04 Sep 17 € 1,440.00
40850 Anaesthetist Registrar 01 Nov 17 04 May 18 € 49,125.00
40793 General Practitioner (Family Practice) 04 Sep 17 15 Sep 17 € 2,940.00
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Premium Service

Premium Service

Locumlink offer a premium
service guarantee to both
healthcare organisations and
locum doctors. We comply with
the highest European quality standards and hold
ISO Certification.

Preferred Locums

Preferred Locums

As a preferred locum provider to many healthcare organisations throughout the UK and Ireland, Locumlink can offer locum doctors the very best locum opportunities covering both short and
long-term placements.

Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee

When working with Locumlink you are guaranteed prompt payment. We pay all locum doctors weekly. Timesheets that are approved and submitted prior to Monday at 12pm are paid before Friday of the
same week.


Mobile App

We are aware that locums don’t always have the time to call our support centre. However with our mobile app you can search and apply for jobs in your own time or see which jobs you are
confirmed into.

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