How to Register with Locumlink

Registration is free and the easiest and fastest way to register with Locumlink is to register online. Alternatively you can view our required documentation below and submit your application by post.

Once registered with Locumlink you will receive regular information about locum jobs that suit your medical experience. Our online members area allows you to fully control the locum jobs offered to you.

For doctors that do not wish to register online, please post the following information to Locumlink, 32 Ranelagh Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 and our registration team will gladly set you up on our system.

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV must show a minimum of 5 years experience or all if less than 5 years. If there are any gaps in your CV such as study leave or extended holidays then you should simply state that rather than leaving the date unexplained. Hospitals assume your CV. is complete unless you inform them otherwise. So be sure to include all your medical experience regardless how long or short you worked in the post.

Occupational Health Certificate

If you have recently had an Occupational Health medical, your Hepatitis B status may have been evaluated and the result sent to your GP. Your GP should be able to give you a letter confirming your status and you should request that the titre level and your date of birth is indicated not just the word "immune". Clients sometimes request actual lab results clearly stating your name and D.O.B.

If you have been recently or currently employed by the H.S.E or NHS then you should be able to obtain a copy from the Occupational Health Department. Medical Administration should be able to assist you in getting this.

Occupational Health and Locum Work

Hospitals wish to protect doctors and patients from acquiring or spreading Hepatitis B and it is impossible to place doctors in work if they have not provided information regarding their Hepatitis B status. All hospitals require a copy of a pathology report, which includes details of titre level together with your full name and date of birth.

Acceptable levels vary from hospital to hospital but documentation containing your date of birth and showing a Hepatitis B antibody titre level of over 100 miu/ml from a test carried out within the last two years will almost always be accepted.


Consultants will often retain references on file for you once requested and it requires minimum work for their secretary to copy it to us. We will request new references every 6-12 months to ensure we hold a copy from your most recent substantive post on file. It is essential that you provide us with the correct contact details to obtain a reference. Some hospitals will require up to three written references before allowing a doctor cover a locum post.

Garda Vetting (Police Clearance)

Hospitals required all locum doctors to go through the Garda Vetting procedure. Our Registrations Team will assist you in this and process the application form. We must emphasise that this is a necessity to work in either the NHS or HSE.

Doctors wishing to work in the UK and Northern Ireland will be required to fill in an Access NI Application Form. This is a similar process to the Garda Vetting for the Republic of Ireland. All required documentation will be provided by our Registration Department or alternatively this can be filled out online in our member's area.

After Registration

Your details will be entered onto our database. We will continually search for jobs that match your preferences and contact you regularly with locum job opportunities. It is always worth seeing what we have to offer before accepting work from any other source. We give priority to those doctors who are easily contactable and keep in touch.


Timesheets are available here. You should ensure you carefully fill in the exact hours that you work. All forms need to be completed and returned to us as soon as the locum job has been completed. Many hospitals will not pay an invoice without a completed timesheet. This will dramatically speed up your payment. Timesheets can be faxed to 01 4936102 or email to

Pay Procedure

A. Self Employed

Doctors that wish to work as self-employed individuals will get paid within about 30 Days from submitting a timesheet. This has benefits, as you will be paid the gross amount and be eligible to claim many allowances that are unavailable to doctors that opt for payroll.

B. Payroll

Doctors that opt for Payroll will receive regular weekly payments on receipt of approved signed timesheets. However the hourly rates paid are slightly lower and both PAYE and PRSI Tax will be deducted at source. While the take home pay is slightly less many doctors prefer receiving regular payments and not having to deal with tax returns at the end of the year.


Locum doctors that opt for self-employed status should employ an accountant to handle their tax returns each year. You would be surprised how much they can save you and they should not charge much more that a few hundred Euros to take care of your returns.

Cancellation of locum posts by clients

Clients hold the right to cancel appointments, vary rotas or terminate positions when you have already begun work, and without notice and without compensating Locumlink or you for loss of earnings. While this rarely happens we always offer the locum doctor preference on future jobs in an attempt to recover your loss.

Cancellation of locums by doctors

It causes tremendous frustration if you cancel after accepting a job and you should never accept a booking if you do not have every intention of working it. Cancelling bookings without good reason may result in future bookings being withdrawn. If unexpected circumstances arise you should ensure that Locumlink is informed at the earliest possible opportunity by telephone. It may be appropriate for you to also inform the hospital but you must always notify us in the first instance.

Ref Post Start Finish Amount info
40914 General Practitioner 14 Aug 17 18 Aug 17 € 1,462.50
40897 General Practitioner 24 Jul 17 24 Jul 17 € 640.00
40892 Medical Consultant 31 Jul 17 25 Aug 17 € 13,537.50
40887 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant 15 Aug 17 21 Aug 17 € 4,680.00
40880 Emergency Department Registrar 24 Jul 17 31 Jul 17 € 2,123.00
40871 General Practitioner 29 Oct 17 31 Oct 17 € 1,440.00
40870 General Practitioner 15 Oct 17 16 Oct 17 € 720.00
40869 General Practitioner 16 Sep 17 18 Sep 17 € 1,440.00
40868 General Practitioner 10 Sep 17 11 Sep 17 € 720.00
40867 General Practitioner 02 Sep 17 04 Sep 17 € 1,440.00
40850 Anaesthetist Registrar 01 Nov 17 04 May 18 € 49,125.00
40793 General Practitioner (Family Practice) 04 Sep 17 15 Sep 17 € 2,940.00
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Premium Service

Premium Service

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Preferred Locums

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Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee

When working with Locumlink you are guaranteed prompt payment. We pay all locum doctors weekly. Timesheets that are approved and submitted prior to Monday at 12pm are paid before Friday of the
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